Air Filters and Cancer Prevention

With National Breast Cancer Awareness month right behind us, it seems appropriate to consider cancer prevention. The pervasiveness of cancer is as frustrating as the number of ways that you can get cancer; through tobacco smoking, sunlamps/sunbeds, aluminum in drinking water, chimney sweeping, coal gasification, coal tar distillation, coke fuel production, furniture and cabinet making, secondhand smoke, painting fumes, indoor emissions from household combustion of coal, wood dust, smokeless tobacco products, processed meat, asbestos, and so on.

Many of us are or have been or will be witnesses to cancer, survivors, and fighters against it. We know or will know the agony of feeling like you can’t do anything, the horror of helplessness. Reclaiming a sense of control is important before, after, and during the struggle against cancer. While there are many methods of fighting cancer, the focus of this article is cancer prevention through what we know best—air filters!

With so many indoor air pollutants produced by cooking over indoor fires and simple biomass-burning (wood, animal dung, and crop waste) stoves and coal, over (including lung cancer) spurred by household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels.

While not all illnesses are preventable, your home is one area of your life where you can take the steps to protect you and your family. Visit our online store to find the best air filtration system for your needs.

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