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Commercial Filters

Whether in an agency, a doctor’s office or a retail store, the quality of air in your workplace affects both you and your clients. Our superior air filter and belt replacements will improve the atmosphere of your facility and bring new life to your business.

Airguard uses sophisticated production control techniques to ensure consistent pleat count, height, shape, and spacing. This uniform spacing contributes to a better-performing pleat with low pressure drop, full depth dust loading, and longer service life. 

Compare the performance and value of Airguard pleats to other types of filters, including disposable panels, ring panels, pads and frames, and permanent filters. The pleated filter lines have significantly lower initial resistance levels to aid in your energy savings initiatives, and it also outperforms the alternatives in efficiency, dust holding capacity, durability, and price.

Our long-standing excellence in providing durable, top performing disposable filters is applied to the manufacturing of poly fiber P312 filters. Ideally suited for residential, commercial, or light industrial use, the polyester media was developed for situations where synthetic media products are required. The P312 polyfiber filters perform best in conditions where large quantities of lint and dust are present. The rugged construction makes these filters industry leaders in the high-velocity system, prefilter market.

Our final and box replacement air filters are ideal for commercial usage. Available features like corrosion resistance, metal construction, and the ability to withstand high humidity and moisture environments make these filters a quality choice for commercial applications. 

V-belts are the driving force behind many heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications. Gates vast selection of V-belts comes in a variety of materials, cross-sections, banded multiples, reinforcement styles, and constant and variable speed configurations to meet your HVAC demands. Whether you want to increase speed, reduce torque, or cut down on re-tensioning and equipment downtime, Gates OE-quality V-belts help you get the job done.

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We carry air filter replacements for all makes and models across all industries, from standard panels for residential use.

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