Purolator Air Filters

Air Filter Sales carries both Facet-aire 3 Air Filters from Purolator as well as Space gard (or Spaceguard as they are often called) replacement filters are made by Purolator.

Facet-Aire 3 Air Filters from Purolator

The Purolator FACET-Aire 3 and 2F are panel air filters utilizing the unique Purolator Monobond concept of a one-piece frame sealed to the media using heat and pressure. The superior grade fiberglass media is evenly coated with a gel adhesive to prevent finer particle migration.

Facet-Aire 3 Filters Features

  • Space-saving high capacity 1" industrial strength air filters
  • 33% savings on warehouse space - lower freight cost compared to the box type design
  • New tri-dimensional scrim backing for added strength
  • Tighter seal
  • Larger effective filter area
  • Minimum Fiber Filter Area
  • Safer installation
  • Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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Space Gard Replacement filters

Our Space Gard (or Spaceguard as they are often called) replacement filters are made by Purolator. That means when you order our Space Gard replacement filters, you get the best quality and the best efficiency. While most Space Gard replacement filters are rated to a 6 *MERV, our Space Gard replacements are rated to an MERV 8. This means cleaner air in your home.

Why order Space Gard replacement filters?

Our Space Gard replacement air filters are made by Purolator and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original filter performance!

The only difference – You save money by using our Space Gard replacement filters.

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