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MERV 13 DP G13een: 24x24x1

Airguard DP Green Pleated Filters (Dimensions: 24x24x1). Free Shipping on all online orders.

SKU #DP13-105

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$189.07/case of 12

Product Description

MERV 13 efficiency

Double wall construction

Damage resistant

May qualify as a sustainable component for LEED/Green Building Initiative

Wet strength beverage board frame


100% synthetic media resists moisture, mold, and damage

Maintains MERV 13 performance in a full ASHRAE

52.2-2012 independent test: Meets minimum efficiency criteria required by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)1


The DP-green 13’s heavy duty beverage board frame is made using moisture-resistant, sturdy frame material that stands up to rough handling and difficult service conditions. As such, the pleats hold together even when wet, preventing delaminating, excessive buckling, collapsing, racking, warping, and bending. Additionally, the double-walled thickness around the outer edge and rust-resistant galvanized steel frame help maintain pleat shape and prevent fluttering during operation.

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PREpleat M13 24x24x1

Filtration Group

Aerostar MERV 13 Green Pleat Filter 24x24x1

Competitor Product Equivalent

MERV 13 Air Handler 24x24x1

Air Filters Inc.

Astro-Pleat MERV 13 Standard Pleated High Capacity Filter 24x24x1


Multi-Pleat Green13 24x24x1

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