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Honeywell replacement filters 20x20x5

HW – 503 Honeywell replacement air filters, replaces Honeywell Part number 203721. $31.45/each. Free Shipping on all online orders.

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Our Honeywell replacement filters made by Air Guard are build for dependability and durability. These efficient filters ensure your family’s well-being while saving you money. This Honeywell replacement filter is designed for Airguard model HW-503 to replace Honeywell part number 203720. Each filter is $31.45 and free shipping is offered for all online purchases. (Actual Dimension: 19-3/4x20x4-3/8)

Our Honeywell replacement filters made by Air Guard with a MERV 8 rating versus the typical MERV 6 rating most Honeywell filters receive. By choosing our Honeywell replacement filters, you can ensure you will get cleaner, healthier air in your home while saving money.

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