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Airguard Fresh Air Carbon Pleated Filters: 16x20x2

Fresh Air Carbon Pleated Odor eliminating replacement air filters (Dimensions: 16x20x2). Free shipping on all online orders.

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$140.87/case of 6

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This popular style of product serves both as a particulate filter and odor removal filter for light duty service conditions in commercial and light industrial applications. Fresh Air filters offer relief from unpleasant odors, including cigarette smoke, food preparation, vehicle exhaust, plus a variety of other objectionable sources. The dual layer media is pleated to substantially increase the amount of media surface area contained in the filter. The combination media pack is contained in a die cut, moisture resistant beverage board frame. The pack is sealed inside the frame to prevent bypass. Each filter is individually sealed in a poly bag to prevent odor adsorption from occurring prior to installation.

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