Advanced Indoor Air Quality Solutions Utilizing UV-C Light Technology

Environmental disinfection systems have been employed to treat moving air since the 1800’s. Today’s UV-C is considered green technology and is typically used as a maintenance strategy. UV-C light systems are continually improving in its efficiency at removing biological growth in heating, ventilation, and HVAC small or large coils, even ice machine coils where pure water is critical for consumption. Coils are stationary targets 24/7. Their exposure to UV germicidal irradiation in the range of 200-280 nanometers (254 nm actual) is very effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew and other biological growth. By scrambling the DNA of these bio-contaminants they become deactivated and cannot procreate.

UV-C also reduces maintenance costs with fewer cleanings needed, lowers cleaning chemical costs and labor resulting in less wear down of the coil fins. Energy efficiency is increased by the elimination of the thin bio-film that insulates the coil degrading heat transfer. These systems have a lifetime guarantee and are easily installed. The ROI is usually 1-2 years.

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