DP40 MAX Pleated Filters: 16x25x1

  • MERV 8 efficiency
  • Double wall construction
  • Wet Strength beverage board frame
  • 12 IN A CASE

Uniform Pleat Shape Holds More Dirt
Consistent pleat shape produces optimum performance. Sophisticated production control techniques ensure consistent pleat count, pleat height, pleat shape and spacing.

100% Adhesive Application - Ensures Filter Integrity
The inside of the die cut frame is completely coated with adhesive to ensure a solid bond at all points of contact. The die cut boxes are bonded to each other. The media pack is sealed inside the frame and the pleat tips are bonded to the diagonal support members

Our Airguard DP40 Max Pleated air filters are made using double wall construction and are designed to provide you with optimal air quality. Known for their high efficiency and durability these filters boast an efficiency rating of MERV 8. These Airguard DP40 MAX Pleated filters are $49.95 for a case of 12. (Actual Dimension: 15-1/2x24-1/2x3/4)

Airguard is one of the leading companies to produce air filtration units. Since its founding, Airguard has been working to provide customers with superior quality, efficiency and durability.