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Airguard Powerguard Pleated Filters: 12x20x1

High efficiency Airguard Powerguard Pleated Filters (Dimensions: 12x20x1) $64.95/12 per case. Free Shipping on all online orders.

SKU #PWG-120

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$68.20/case of 12

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Our Airguard Powerguard Pleated air filters have been rated MERV 11 on the efficiency scale due to its double wall construction for optimal filtration in your home. This ensures that you are always receiving high quality, clean air that is safe for you and your family. Each case contains twelve different 12x20x1 panels and we offer free shipping on all online orders. (Actual Dimension: 11-1/2×19-1/2×3/4)

Airguard has an unsurpassed reputation for providing customers with high efficient, durable filters designed with you in mind. These panels have MERV ratings far higher than many competitor’s, keeping the air in your home or office clean and safe. These high quality filters are a smart investment for the health and safety of your home.

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MERV Rating




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PREpleat M11 HC 12x20x1

Filtration Group

MERV 11 Aerostar Series 1100 High Capacity Wireback Pleated Filter 12x20x1

Competitor Product Equivalent

MERV 11 Air Handler 12x20x1

Air Filters Inc.

Astro-Pleat MERV 11 Standard Pleated Filter 12x20x1


Multi-Pleat XL11 12x20x1

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