Air Filter Sales Privacy Policy

Air Filter Sales cares about your privacy and makes this privacy statement regarding any information collected while browsing the site and purchasing products.

While using the Air Filter Sales .com web site, we may collect electronic information such as your IP Address, which uniquely identifies you on the Internet, your browsing patterns and search related information as to how you found the site and / or what you may have searched for once on the site.  This information is used solely for internal purposes to make the web site a better user experience and to improve aspects and functionality for our visitors.

In addition, when placing an order, Air Filter Sales will collect and store personal information such as your name, address, phone numbers, email address, credit card information, products ordered, time and date of order, comments and any other information which is requested / required or submitted when placing an order. This information is used solely for internal purposes in order to process your order and manage our inventory.

When using the Contact Us feature of this web site, we will store the submitted information and forward it to the appropriate representative who will then use this information to answer your questions and / or contact you directly.

At no time will Air Filter Sales sell, lease, rent, or otherwise distribute your personal information (including emails) to any person, party, or organization outside of the company. All of your personal information is protected through Certified SSL Web Server that offers secure communications by encrypting the data sent to and from the site and stores it into our protected database. does not send unsolicited emails to any person, party, or organization. In addition, we will not share your contact information with any third party source.

However, when placing an order, you may expect to receive an email from us regarding;

  1. Order confirmation after placing your order.
  2. Shipping confirmation with tracking number once the product is shipped.

The only exceptions to the two instances mentioned above are if you voluntarily sign up for one of our other services (Email Reminder Program or Automatic Reorder Program), if we need to communicate with you in regard to an order that you placed, or if we are responding to your request for answers to a question.

To enhance your experience with our site, our Customer account system is designed to use "cookies." Cookies are text files we place in your computer's browser to store your preferences. Cookies, by themselves, do not contain any of your personally identifiable information. However, once you furnish us with personally identifiable information, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie. For example, we may use cookies to personalize your experience at our web pages (e.g., to recognize you by name when you return to our site), save your password in password-protected areas, and enable you to use the shopping cart on our site. Please make sure that your browser has cookies turned on when visiting

Please email us with any additional questions that you may have in regards to our privacy policy.