Air Bear Replacement Filters

Our Air Bear filters are made by AirGuard. That means when you order our Air Bear filters, you get the best quality and the best efficiency. While most Air Bear filters are rated to a 6 *MERV, our Air Bear replacements are rated to an MERV 8. That means cleaner air in your home.

Why order Air Bear Replacement Filters?

Our Air Bear filters are made by AirGuard and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original filter performance! They are the same dimensions and have the foam gaskets on each side just like the original.

The only difference – You save money by using our Airguard as a replacement for your Air Bear filters.

Nominal Size
Actual Size
Airguard Model
Replaces Air Bear Filters Part Number
20 x 25 x 5 19-5/8 x
24-1/8 x 4-7/8
AB - 504
22990 - 102
16 x 25 x 3 15-3/4 x
24-1/4 x 3
AB - 502
22990 - 101

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