High Efficiency Air Filter Replacements for Controlled Environments

In certain environments, standard air filtration systems are not enough to maintain a low level of particle contamination. Cleanrooms, for example, require a controlled level of contamination, one that cannot exceed a particular threshold without compromising the enclosed facility. Producers of semiconductors, biotechnology applications and medical facilities often require high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to maintain the clarity and quality of air.

When contamination control is of the utmost importance, providing a superior standard of air quality becomes a necessity. HEPA filters work to remove any and all indoor air pollution. Cleanroom facilities, isolation chambers, safety enclosures and other medical settings in which micro-decontamination is essential should provide regular maintenance to the providing air quality control units.

At Air Filter Sales, we know first-hand that facilities which require HEPA air filters are some of the most crucial industries. Because of this, we strongly recommend the upkeep of these high efficiency filtration units. Our state-of-the-art warehouse inventory houses quality HEPA filters at an affordable price.

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