Fresh-Aire UV

UV Disinfection: A Proven Technology

Reduce Energy Consumption

According to the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, through the use of UV-C, heat transfer and airflow are restored which results in energy savings, with the possibility of payback in less than two years.

Reduce Maintenance & Cleaning

Per the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, chemical and mechanical cleaning of air conditioning coils and drain pans can be costly, dangerous, and even difficult. Applying UV-C light can help maintain system cleanliness by keeping surfaces free of microbial contamination.

Eliminate Mold, Bacteria & Viruses in the HVAC System

UV-C light appears to be an effective way to lower the risk of infection in the operating room during total joint replacement surgery.
Source: The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American) 2007

Reduce Ice Machine Maintenance

Field studies confirm that the Fresh-Aire Ice UV System U+2122 reduces biological contamination in ice machines.
Source: Independant Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant Field Study, Summer 2008

Maintain Peak System Efficiency

As stated by the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, UV-C light makes it easy to maintain heat exchange efficiency, design airflow and to improve indoor air quality.

Cut Airborne Biohazards

The Centers for Disease Control recognizes UV-C as a viable means for the reduction of tuberculosis and in reducing the transmission of other infections in hospitals, military housing and classrooms.
Source: CDC, October 1994
A microbial analysis of 54 air conditioning units at nine schools in California indicated a notable reduction in the levels of microbial growth on the evaporator coils; and total fungal and gram positive bacteria reductions were from 65 to 100% of colony forming units.
Source: A report prepared for the California Energy Commission, June 2006.

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